About us

The Amateur Radio Society of Barbados (ARSB), also known by its station callsign 8P6AW, exists to actively facilitate and advance amateur radio in Barbados. Starting our operations in 1955 our members have been proudly providing these services for 68 years. This is done through social, educational and legal means. Some of the more notable ones being.

  • Holding regular meetings for not only dealing with important matters but to give an opportunity for people who know each other over the radio to meet in person.
  • Providing a club station for the use of members for not only common radio operations but to experiment with the various radio technologies we have set up.
  • Providing legitimacy to local amateurs in relation to the Barbados government, its emergency departments and international bodies.
  • Working with the local government to keep the hobby viable legally and to update laws as necessary.
  • Holding training for both new licensees and those desiring to contribute to emergency communications through DEM and CDEMA.

Contact Info

Email: 8p6arsb@gmail.com
Phone: (246)-548-5507(only during radio room operation)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 814E, Eagle Hall, Barbados
Location: Oxnards, St. James, Barbados
GPS: 13.1507,-59.6303
Grid: GK03ed