Though originally just for radio, our club house is also used by the local "Capricorn Line Dancers".

Woody making a very special visit to the ARSB clubhouse.

The club's much beloved member Woody (8P6CC) celebrating his 105th birthday.

This is the start of the second group being trained for their 8P4 licences by the ARSB.

The new 8P4's and 8P5's have a fry with the 8P6's and 8P9's

The new 8P4's from the 2019 course collecting their licences for the first time.

This field day was the overnight training session for the first 8P4 class of 2019. Taking place outside the ARSB building half way through their training.

ARSB operating for the "International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend" of 2019 at the Ragged Point light house.